Monday, 19 May 2014

Wasting Time

Fear blinds us and stunts our growth as artists. So what do we fear and why?
I am speaking to myself over the last several months.
I think what I have feared is wasting time and the possibility that what I have chosen to do is somehow insignificant and irrelevant. Overthinking and lack of momentum builds on this fear and ironically just wastes time.
We know what to do yet somehow doing it becomes impossible. Just do… most of us know that's the remedy however it's the hardest thing to do. Perhaps because for a while it's not just the act of just doing it's also the strength to ignore the nagging doubts that creep into one's mind…
Perhaps it's the change of weather or the urgency I feel (being 6 months pregnant) but suddenly its kicked in and just doing is all that I am doing…. Whether anything of significance will come out of this I am yet to find out but I have remember the fun in just doing and making it all up as I go along.
It's all about being and thinking like a child and when you are a child there is no such thing as wasting time it's all important and you learn the most at this stage.

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