Monday, 10 March 2014

Watch this space!

As I sit here and enter my first post of my blog I realise that art and life are so intrinsically linked that there is no getting away from it. Without realising it I have been trying to compartmentalise the two whereas in fact I cannot separate them!
I have been on an art standoff for the last couple of months (due to a quite major life experience) which made me question the purpose and importance of even creating art yet somehow I find myself back and obsessively thinking about reflecting life once again.
It seems to be a compulsive obsession I cannot kick!
My interest still lies in the ideas around displacement of people and families and then what one's identity becomes. Recently I feel that there's even more to reflect yet somehow cannot put my finger on what it is or even try put it into words.
I hope that as I come to grips with writing this blog perhaps a new dimension to my art production will develop.
Watch this space!

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